Bro. F. M. Lehman   (Genesis 24)

Oh, get ready, the evening shadows fall,
Don’t you hear the Eleazar call?
There is going to be a wedding! our joys will soon begin,
In the evening, when the camel train comes in.

‘Twas a day in early springtime by an ancient wayside well,
Eleazar paused to rest his camel train;
He had found a bride for Isaac e’er the evening shadows fell,
And his weary journey had not been in vain.
So he took the fair Rebecca decked in jewels rich and rare,
Back to Abraham and Sarah far away;
Where Rebecca loved her Isaac and he loved Rebecca fair,
Oh! It must have been a happy wedding day.

So the blessed Holy Spirit from the Father God above,
Has come down to earth to find a worthy bride;
For our Isaac over yonder has prepared his tents of love,
And he wants the fair Rebecca by his side.
We have left our kinfolks gladly, we have bid this world goodbye,
We are going to a land beyond the sea;
Where we’ll soon behold our Isaac in a home beyond the sea.
What a happy, happy wedding that will be.


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